Why is Trekking Important

Why is Trekking Important

Wish List Nepal Apr 24, 2020

Trekking is all about the experience. You won’t be clear about a place unless you explore it. The different thoughts or confusions evolved on your mind will be cleared out when you explore a place. Trekking doesn’t mean only walking, it is also about stepping out of your comfort zone. You get to meet new people, understand them and you even may find a new way of living. Besides as these, much of my professional development has occurred outside of the classroom. I, now am able to face different critical situations. Here are the few reasons.

  1. Getting out of monotony at work

No matter what background you are of, you will have some wonderful moment beside work. Trekking will become a motivating factor, when you’ll return back. You’ll find new ways of tackling the problem you have had before.


  1. Better Health

It is obvious that your health will be improved when you walk rather riding a vehicle. You feel refreshed and strong when you trek. Talking about my experience, I feel myself much stronger and healthy compared to past (before Trek).


  1. Chance to meet new people

Besides knowing few people in your class, you get the chance to meet new people. You’ll learn to interact with the people of the place you go for the trek. You’ll be able to tell what kind of people live that place when you return back to home.


  1. Feeling of being adventurous

You’ll never regret going on a trek, instead you’ll get ideas and motivation to go for the next trek. I got different ideas for the next trek and even started planning for more adventurous activities.

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