Trek to Khaptad from RARA

Trek From Khaptad To RARA

Babin Karki Apr 24, 2020


Day 1 and Day 2: Bus Ride to Silgadi,Nepal

Day 3: SIlgadi-Jhigrana(By Jeep)-Bichpani Camp-Khaptad(Walk)

Day 4: Khaptad- Khaptad Lake- DabBazar

Day5: DabBazar - Martadi - Kolti (Ride)

Day 6: Kolti - Ratmata 

Day 7: Ratmata - RARA

Day 8: RARA 

Day 9: RARA - Nepalgunj (Flight)


Firstly, we took a bus from “Purano Bus park” and moved to the place called Silgadi which took almost us 20hrs drive and we reached there around 4 p.m. 

We stayed there. We were very excited as our plan was turning into reality. We could only imagine walking in the snow as beautiful snowy high hills were seen from Silgadi. Next day in the early morning, we got ready for the trek. We booked a local taxi for half way as the path was muddy. We reached a place known as Jhigrina and had some breakfast there. The taste of the noodles soup was unbelievable.

We were in an army checking before we entered the dense jungle of Khaptad National Park area. We were very excited to see few snowflakes but we saw the whole hill covered with snow. We had to walk over the snow on our way due to which we got confused at some point as the trails were covered by snow. We had to look at the footsteps of other people who recently passed by and move ahead. There were very hectic steep hills. Slowly we ran out of water but could not find any source of drinking water. As the moon was rising up we moved quickly to reach the Khaptad headquarter. We were so happy to see a dim light far away. We were lucky enough to get rooms to stay.

After we reached khaptad, we stayed in that place for two nights. We planned to trek up to RARA . We waked up early in the morning, had some tea and started our journey towards RARA. We had no idea about the trek route, we asked the armies out there and made a map on our mind and moved accordingly. It was not just 30mins, we got stuck on the junction of two roads. We tried Google Map but due to weak tower, we couldn’t use the map. We just guessed randomly and moved forward. We were very exhausted due to the hot air and the gentle ups and downs. As we entered a beautiful village, we searched for some nice hotel to take some snacks. We were told that it would take only 2-3 hours to reach our destination for that day. As we moved on, we asked the people whoever we met on the way about the time to reach the destination Dab bazar. We were very surprised to hear that it would take almost more hours than we had expected. After a descent over the rocky path we finally reached Dab bazar after walking almost 8hrs.

The next day we woke early in the morning and headed towards the next destination known as kolti. We reached kolti after 4-5 hrs drive. We stayed in Kolti that night. It was a very beautiful place similar to Mustang. Kolti was in-between the two high hills. This place was famous for the fur of animals. The hot sun made us take rest within few minutes of walking.  We had to reach the place called Ratmaty. We pushed ourselves faster to reach that place and finally made to that place to spend the night.

Early the next day, we forged our way to RARA. Everyone seemed happy on this day because we were about to reach our final destination of our trek plan. The beautiful trees and the snow on the side of our route made me feel so happier to walk. After taking rest frequently, we finally made it to RARA lake. When I saw the first sight of RARA, I couldn’t resist myself shouting out loud.  It was more beautiful than I saw it on images.  We stayed there for two nights and returned back from Talcha airport.

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