Top 10 Gay-Friendly Destinations

Top 10 Gay-Friendly Destinations

Shreya Khadka Aug 25, 2019

Everyone loves travelling. A way to find an escape and run away from worries, travelling is the key. Matching with the hottest news of LGBT rights, here are top 10 gay-friendly destinations. So let’s go get the tickets. 

  1.  Phuket 

    The Gay Travel Oasis enjoys year round temperature between 25 and 34 degrees Celsius. The tropical paradise pairs the balmy climate with white sandy beaches with white sandy beaches, gay spas and saunas and a wide range of water sports to make for an ideal holiday destination. Head out to the gay bars and clubs at Patong’s Paradise Complex for thrilling nightlife like at Boat Bar or Zag Club. Phuket has been an LGBT destination for a while as it first celebrated Gay Pride in 1999 and it’s now become one of Asia’s most popular pride events each April. 
  2. Tel Aviv 

    It’s a great alternative escape from the cold, grey and gloomy winter months in most other parts of the world because of its average higher temperature even in the winter. Every LGBT traveler has an opportunity to try out everything new every day from the old city of Jaffa to best bars, clubs, restaurants and beach parties. If you’ve never considered a visit to Tel Aviv, you might want to think again. 
  3. Amsterdam 

    One of the most liberal-minded cities on the map, Amsterdam, has a lot to offer for the LGBT. It is the first country to officially announce the same-sex marriage in 2001 and opened the world’s first gay tourist office in 2010. The ideal way of travelling can be cycling around town and hitting up all four of the city’s gay districts (adorned with rainbow flags, of course), rest up for the infamous gay nightlife. From going to Church to Taboo, Amsterdam is packed with gay bars and clubs. If this sounds like your ideal GAYCATION, we recommend visiting during the Amsterdam Gay Pride weekend in summer.
  4. Berlin 

    It’s hip, artistic, international and GAY! Berlin is easily one of the most gay-friendly cities in Europe with a huge offering to LGBT travelers. Popular neighborhoods like Schönenberg (the most well-known gay neighborhood) as well as Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Freidrichshain all have a strong LGBT population living in the communities as well as many gay oriented businesses, cafes, bars and clubs. Yes, not only is Berlin gay-friendly, the number of gay businesses in the city is in the hundreds including popular places like the Axel Hotel or Schwuz and Berghain nightclubs. The city has a rocky, yet unique and inspiring history that is one-of-a-kind even for those not so into history. 
  5. Palm Springs 

    Just two hours driving from Los Angeles, Palm Springs served as a getaway for gays and lesbians ever since the early days of Hollywood. Palm Springs is a very small city in the middle of the desert – a region which isn’t particularly packed with natural beauty. But just take the Aerial Tramway up to the top of San Jacinto Peak and you’ll be amazed by the difference in landscape and climate – not to mention the incredible views. After a couple hours hiking and exploring, you can head back down and relax poolside with a cocktail at one of the many pools that Palm Springs is so well known for. 
  6. Nice 

    Nice offers many gay-specific venues and perhaps a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere even compared to other French cities like Montpellier, Lyon and Marseille. With numerous LGBT-oriented events like the Pink Parade, the new Lou Queernaval, LGBT film festivals and more, Nice is one of the best gay hotspots on the Mediterranean. In the old town you’ll find brightly colored façades that reflect the colors and style of the Sardinian architecture. Nice’s beautiful blue waters are a sight to be seen and there are plenty of great beaches in and around Nice to enjoy. 
  7. Barcelona 

    With year around mild temperatures, a sea side location and a welcoming atmosphere for LGBT people, it’s no wonder that gay travelers from around the world come here to indulge in the culture, nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. Barcelona is one of those cities that has so much to offer, you can never see it all. However, some of the must see includes the lively gay neighborhood called Eixample (its nickname is “Gaixample”) which is centrally located in the city, the Axel Hotel with their amazing rooftop terrace with a pool and bar. Park Güell is another one of Gaudi’s creations and is definitely worth a visit. After a long day of sightseeing, wander the narrow cobblestone streets of the Gothic Quarter and don’t forget the beach – there are even two gay ones! 
  8. Paris 

    The city of love has much more to offer to LGBT apart from the lights, love and romance. Paris isn’t all croissants and strolls along the Seine. From your first magical glimpse of the Eiffel Tower to the best hangouts touted by gay locals, you will find all the essentials you need for a memorable first time…to Paris, of course! Get a way to know where those sexy Parisians enjoy a cocktail, grab a bite and dance the night away. Whether you prefer soaking in iconic art at The Louvre or fancy a glass of wine in the Marais, Paris’ gay neighborhood, you’re sure to enjoy it as much as we do. 
  9. Lisbon 

    The least expensive capital in western Europe, Lisbon offers you a mild round temperature throughout the year. You can pack your bags and go for road trips and lookout points, Fashion and Design Museum, gourmet market and even hilltop castles. LGBT travelers, make sure you visit Lisbon Beach Tour. Also after a long day of exploring, resting your head in famous gay hotels is a must and a swim in outdoor pool and relax while sipping a cocktail in the grassy social space cannot be neglected.
  10. West Hollywood 

    A small city within a city, West Hollywood is one of the most welcoming cities for anyone, not only the LGBT community. Come out for one of the glam Hollywood parties like Los Angeles Gay Pride, the HBO Emmy Party, Sir Elton John’s Annual Oscar Party and Outfest, the longest running LGBT film festival in the country. If you’re looking for a swanky home away from home to rest and relax before and after all those great parties, there’s no shortage of excellent accommodation. Around happy hour, head up to Skybar at The Mondrian or Tower Bar at The Sunset Tower for a cocktail or two. Now all you’re missing are some new threads to look effortlessly ‘on fleek.’ The West Hollywood Design District is full of shops and boutiques of all types. All that’s left is to make your way out to Santa Monica Boulevard where you’ll be in the heart of the LGBT nightlife scene. 

    Reference: http://www.twobadtourists.com/ 

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