My travel story-Shey Phoksundo Trek

My travel story-Shey Phoksundo Trek

Babin Karki Sep 01, 2019


It was in the time of Dashain when we decided to go for Trek. Most of my friends were leaving to their hometowns but I decided to go out for Trekking. I went through different videos and blogs on internet and got inspired to travel there. We were 20 of us but 5 of them changed their plans to stay in Kathmandu and remaining 15 of us started our journey. Since, we were 15, it was a large group so we had to contact each and every hotels on the place we have planned to stay. Here is the details of our trek. 

We had to return to KTM for Dashain so we had walked for 10 hrs on average per day.

Day 1 & Day  2 (Kathmandu - Radi Bazar - Tallo Bagar):

  It was October 9,2018, we started our journey. We had to go to Gongabu Buspark to get a Bus. We were lucky that we got a bus directly up to Radi( a place in Rukum). The bus fare was a little expensive, Rs 2300 each. It was 24-25 hrs continuous ride. Luckily, there was no any traffic jams so we reached Radi on time. It was 2:30 P.M, the bus departed from Kathmandu. We reached Radi Bazar at around 2 PM. Our plan was to stay at Radi but it was just 2 PM(next day) so we thought of travelling more. Radi was a small village. We had to cross a bridge and get another vehicle to continue our trip to Tallo Bagar. We were 15 in total so we could easily reserve a Jeep. If you are less in number then you’ll have wait for the Jeep to be fully packed. It was a bumpy jeep ride, no one was feeling comfort in the vehicle, but this view out of your window will more than compensate for this unease: rugged, barren landscape set against a deep blue sky that opens as you wind round and round. 

    We reached tallo Bagar around 6:22 PM, we still were in a hurry to get to Shey Phoksundo but sadly, we didn’t get any vehicle that day so we had to stay at Tallo Bagar. There are few hotels out there. You can also get to stay at hotels with wifi.  

Day 3 (Tallo Bagar -Supani - Suligad - Kagani) :

Trek Duration: 10-11hrs

We started our trip early this day. We had to cross a bridge and catch another Jeep. It’s been one hell of ride. We passed through different villages in between. We reached a place called Khadang at around 11:15 AM, from where we had to start our trek by foot. There was no vehicle from this point.

  We filled our water bottles and moved on. Few police officers interviewed us on the way. We had to walk near bheri river, the road was under construction. We had to pass through some high steep rock hills, which had an amazing landscapes . We took several photos on the way. We can see some villages on the way. I felt like I was travelling to desert, the environment seems like desert. After 5hrs of continuous walk, we reached tripurakot. From tripurakot, you just have to cross another bridge to get a Jeep upto Suligad. We crossed the bridge and walked for 20-30mins to reach supani. We saw a jeep waiting for people. We filled the jeep and reached to Suligad at 6:00 PM. I encouraged my friends to move to Kagani so that it’ll be easier for us the next day. It was getting dark. We had to do some entry at the army check post. We suggested us to take out our torch lights. I had contacted the hotel that we are coming there so they had started to make the foods ready. There were some uphill and downhill routes but I must say it was not that difficult. It took us 1 hrs and 50 minutes to reach Kagani Village. We sat around hot fire and talked about our plans the next day and had fun. 

Day 4 (Kagani - Chhepka - Rachhi - Samjhana Hotel - Jharna Hotel) :

Trek Duration: 12 hrs

  We had some tea and biscuits before we started our trip to Jharna Hotel. It was 8 AM when we moved out from Kagani Village. We reached a tea house name sangta, we paused there and had tibetan tea. It was 9:50 AM, when we reached sangta and it just took us 1 hrs to reached chhepka. We had the best delicious food throughout this trip in this place. We had our lunch in Jharna Hotel. As said by the person of that hotel, it is the oldest hotel in that route. We spend almost 2 hrs having lunch and taking some rest. You can find some tea house in between to take some and rest and enjoy tea/coffee. You’ll find this route a little difficult than the previous routes. There are some straight uphill routes. After few hours of continuous walk, we reached Raichi at 4:30 PM . We took some snacks and spend 1.5hrs there. After walking almost certain distance we reached Samjhana Hotel. Some of my friends suggested to stay there but we choose to move on. Finally, after few hours of walking we reached Jharna Hotel. There was only uncle who had no idea about cooking food. He said other family member were at Shey Phoksundo. We were lucky that one foreigner had been there and he had one cook who helped to prepare the food for us.


Day 5( Jharna Hotel - Ringmo )

Trek Duration : 4 hrs

We woke up late this day thinking that we could reach the lake early. We were divided into two groups, one went a little earlier than the other. It was straight uphill hike for two hours. I think it was the most difficult route. I suggest you to carry plenty of water. Time and again I took frequent pauses. After walking for an hour you’ll reach a place called Jharna View Point, you’ll get to see the waterfall which comes all the way from Shey Phoksundo lake and also the little view of the Majestic Lake. After taking rest and some wonderful photos, we started our hike. From that viewpoint we just had to walk for 10-15 mins uphill and then you’ll have to walk down hill. It would take maximum of 1.5 hrs to reach ringmo Village. We finally reached ringmo village near phoksundo lake. There are many hotel and lodges in that village. We stayed in Sherpa Hotel, which we had contacted from Kathmandu Valley. They had prepared sheep meat that day. We waited for other group to arrive for lunch. Our plan was to stay only one night in that place but it got changed as everyone were excited to explore that place. After having lunch we went to find Shey Phoksundo exactly as we had seen in countless pictures. 

     We were blessed with a clear sky that day. The first view of Shey Phoksundo left us wonderstruck, the blue water , I had seen different pictures but it was more beautiful than what I saw on internet. The locals said that it could take us three days to visit all the places of Shey Phoksundo. We went to Gumba that day, where we got the idea about the meaning of Shey Phoksundo.

Day 6 (Rest Day):

It is named rest day but we went to viewpoint this day. It was a straight uphill hike for almost 

3 hrs to reach viewpoint. We could see different shape of Shey Phoksundo from the top. I saw the shape of the lake like and maple tree leaf. You can represent the shape as you like. Haha!!  Viewpoint is at the height of 4100-4200m above sea level. There are no any source water in between ringmo and viewpoint. There is one river, I suggest you to carry water bottle. After taking many selfies we moved downhill and had lunch at our hotel. We took rest for sometime under the warm sunlight. 

  After few hours, we started our journey towards the hidden hillock, as suggested by the hotel owner. We could get the view of waterfall and the lake at one glance. It was very beautiful as we could also get the clear view of all the mountains around Shey Phoksundo lake. It was a tough hike though for a hour. We had a hot coffee at the top and returned to the hotel at around 6PM. 

Day 7 ( Ringmo - Chhepka - Kagani)

Trek Duration: 11.5hrs


The next day we had some biscuits and tea and headed back towards chhepka. It was 8 AM when we left for chhepka and we managed to reach chhepka around 5:30 PM. 

  We decided not to stay at chhepka and we moved out for Kagani thinking that it’ll be easier for us the next day. Finally after 2 hrs of hustle and bustle, we reached kagani at 7:30 PM. We had fried egg as the source of meat that day. We had some gossips about the whole trek. 

Day 8:(Kagani - Suligad - Juphal Airport)

Trek Duration : 2.5hrs

We left Kagani having the most common breakfast i.e Tea and Biscuits. We had contacted the hotel nearby airport that we are coming and also asked them to book the tickets for us. It just took us 1.5hrs to reach suligad and we reserved a vehicle and went to airport. The hotel there was good, but the hotel owner was too much business minded. He will ask you for money for anyting like taking shower, for woods. 

Lucily, we got tickets booked for the next morning.

Day 9: Juphal - Nepalganj

We took at the flight at 7 AM and reached Nepalganj after 30 mins. We stayed at a nice hotel that day. We enjoyed the foods found in Nepalganj. We had mutton and chicken Biryani, Pani Puri, Rabadda and Chicken Sekuwa. We also went to Nepal-India Border. 

Day 10: Nepalganj - KTM  

Finally, we flew back to kathmandu.



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